Summer Is Here –

Summer is here, it is the end of an active year, with our alumni’s joining colleges around the country, from San Diego to Palm Beach Gardens.

In the NCAA National Stanford could not make it back to back but they fought hard till the end with Shannon scoring the first point in the Final. Louis  is working his way in the PGA Latin America, March saw his first victory in a Pro tournament in a mini tour in Orlando, there will be more…

This year saw our offer expanding with the possibility to train at Reunion and Championsgate and enjoy some of the best coaching in the world with – on one side – the Leadbetter Golf Academy where Lydia Ko  sharpens her game as other Pros have done for years, and – on the other side – Henri Reis the  coach of Annika Sorenstam and other champions. What a choice!

Now is your chance to enjoy these incredible conditions with our summer offers

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