Shannon Aubert

success“As parents of SHANNON AUBERT, we know what it takes to develop
young athletes and lead them to a college Golf scholarship”
(Christian & Monica AUBERT)

Name: Shannon Aubert
Born: December 08, 1995 in Annecy – France
Residence: Reunion Golf Resort, Orlando – Florida, USA
Started Golf: Age 6
Golf Coach: Henri Reis, ANNIKA Academy at Reunion Golf Resort, Orlando
Fitness Coach: Kai Fusser, ANNIKA Academy at Reunion Golf Resort, Orlando
Highlights: Best AJGA ranking: 2nd
18 career AJGA Top 5 Finishes
ROLEX Junior All-American Team 3 years in a row 2010, 2011 and 2012
Qualified twice to the Women’s US Open at age 16 and 17
Joined the French National Team in 2010
Selected in the Junior Solheim Cup in 2013
Academics: Admitted to Stanford University with a Golf scholarship


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